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Resolution #1

Adopted by the America First Party of Ohio at the 2006 State Convention

Be it resolved by the America First Party of Ohio, in response to the egregious lack of fiscal discipline and respect for the public good, and in response to Ohio’s elected officials failure to recognize Ohio’s absolute guaranteed rights given to the states by the United States Constitution to work in a sovereign manner to govern in Ohio’s best interests, hereby offer the following 8-point plan for success as a beginning step to move our state in the necessary direction for the long term success of its citizens.

  1. There shall be a mandatory audit of each department and state government program every two to three years for the purpose of maximizing efficiency, cost effectiveness and necessity. The auditing group shall be an independently elected group of citizens (none of which shall have held public office in the last three years) that will act as a citizens/taxpayers watchdog to eliminate government waste and unnecessary internal spending. Members of the taxpayer panel shall also forego running for public office for two years after the audit to avoid conflicts of interest.

    Programs that are not necessary or are deemed wasteful will be targeted for elimination, saving taxpayer dollars.

  2. All state programs must provide the following before receiving taxpayer funding:

    1. Cost estimates

    2. Mechanisms for tracking actual costs that will be made public

    3. Published provisions for scaling back the program if it exceeds estimated costs

    4. A concise statement of a quantifiable benefit that will be accrued to the taxpayers as a result of the program

    5. A mechanism for actually measuring the benefit of said program, published each year for public review

      Any program that does not achieve 75% of its stated goal for more than two consecutive years should be reviewed publicly for possible elimination and savings to the taxpayer.

  3. Ohio’s elected leadership shall be required to provide the public with a list of priorities prior to the State-of-the-State address by the governor each year. Due to current problems, our state will not move forward from its current set of problems without setting those priorities immediately. We shall enact the legislation and provide the funding to keep our state safe from facing the brunt of mobile criminals across our region. The high crime areas of Ohio shall receive an adequate number of police officers and cooperation among state officials to approve the necessary task forces to significantly reduce crime. We cannot move Ohio into the future without providing our citizens and businesses the safety that they require.

  4. Elected officials shall state the target revenue for the following year 6 months in advance, no less than 3 months before the start of the coming fiscal year. This will be publicized to alert citizens to the expected amount of tax dollars and other forms of revenue that the state will target to spend on the management of the various departments and various programs. That will provide ample time for citizens groups to react and allow public debate on expenditures and the issue of taxes in general.

  5. Our policies of luring lucrative businesses will be re-evaluated by an independent council of small business owners from across Ohio at the request of the state legislature. Their findings on Ohio’s previous missed opportunities shall be discussed in local community forums and the state will report the results of those discussions, along with recommendations from citizens. The state legislature, in conjunction with Governor’s office, shall release a list of goals for bringing in new businesses to Ohio’s urban and rural communities. Those goals shall be revisited every quarter determine their success rate.

  6. Ohio’s tax policies shall be reviewed from the bottom up to determine the effectiveness of various enacted taxes. State-wide tax incentives to small business owners will be encouraged to help provide for expansion of business and to help alleviate the loss of jobs in our manufacturing and blue collar sectors due to outsourcing and exporting of American jobs. Ohio shall leverage its sovereignty and influence to retain our valuable high paying manufacturing jobs that remain.

  7. A policy of encouraging new business sectors to enter Ohio will be vigorously pursued. Tax breaks and waiving of taxes for a limited time may be possible to encourage entrepreneurs to establish roots in Ohio. Companies who relocate after the abatement period shall incur a penalty.

  8. Immediate attention needs to be paid to the parents of children that attend Ohio’s public schools. Our public school system has earned a terrible reputation. Families are certainly not encouraged to remain inside the public education when they fear their children are not safe in public schools and receive a poor education. Ohio, for the betterment of its most impressionable citizens, should exercise its Constitutional authority and sovereignty to address the issue of a wasteful education system with standards far below where they need to be. Our leadership should take all measures to set appropriate standards for the youth of Ohio and include parents in those standards. It is vital for the long term economic growth of our communities.