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Our Mission:

We, the members of the America First Party, pledge ourselves to restore and revitalize the great American Experiment for the benefit of our nation and all its people. We commit ourselves to elect honest people to public office who adhere to principles based on the wisdom of the Founders and expressed in the United States Constitution and our party platform. We hold to the steadfast beliefs that the means to revitalizing our nation is to revitalize our people and the means to restore our nation is to restore just and Constitutional governance. To this end, we obligate our party:

  • To preserve and protect our people and our sovereignty
  • To promote economic growth and independence
  • To encourage the traditional values of faith, family, and responsibility
  • To ensure equality before the law in protecting those rights granted by the Creator
  • To clean up our corrupted political system

AFPO commends Congressman Kucinich for working to the stop the UnConstitutional, illegal and unjust War against Libya!!!

Our Principles:

Preserve and protect our people and our sovereignty
  • Support a military whose mission is to protect our nation, not police the world
  • Strengthen our borders and promote rational immigration policies
  • Stop all wars and bring our troops home to Protect our Borders
  • Protect English as our common language
  • Seek friendship with all nations, but avoid entangling alliances
  • Work to maintain our nation's sovereignty and oppose all attempts to make our nation subservient to the precursors of global government
  • Apply American values to our foreign policy
  • Stop all foreign Aid

Promote economic growth and independence

  • Restore accountability and Constitutionality to budgets and taxes
  • Promote tax policies that adhere to the Constitution, enhance individual freedom, encourage savings and investment, and promote the family
  • Eliminate unconstitutional portions of the federal government
  • Rebuild our manufacturing base and protect American workers
  • Protect our right to fair trade and oppose free trade, exit NAFTA and the WTO
  • Help American businesses stay in America
  • Promote a Buy American policy
  • End taxpayer bailouts of corporations and foreign governments
  • Implement a self-sufficient energy policy
  • Begin drilling for oil and build new refineries

Encourage the traditional values of faith, family and responsibility

  • Protect and recognize the sanctity of all human life
  • Defend the traditional family unit based on one man and one woman
  • Promote the primacy of parents in the lives and education of their children
  • Respect the free exercise of religion
  • Recognize the Judeo-Christian heritage of our shared values

Ensure equality before the law in protecting those rights granted by the Creator

  • Defend the self-evident truth, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”
  • Preserve and protect all of the Bill of Rights
  • Oppose all quota systems. Merit and behavior must prevail
  • End judicial tyranny and restore balance to our political system
  • Restore property rights and restrict government land confiscation

Clean up our corrupted political system

  • Remove the primary source of corruption by sharply reducing the size and scope of the federal government to its limited powers under the Constitution, and return control over all other matters to the states
  • Require that all political donations be promptly disclosed and come from voters
  • Enforce fair uniform standards for ballot and debate access to give voters more choice
  • Implement clean election practices—restore paper ballots
  • Reform the lobbying system so that the only organizations permitted to lobby are those organizations whose money is acquired strictly from voter donations. Reasonable individual voter donation amount limits must be established.
  • End lavish Congressional pensions—put them on Social Security
  • Examine, curtail and/or drop many Federal agencies
  • Ban taxpayer-funded Congressional campaign mailings
  • Restore the rights of states in the manner of choosing Senators and Representatives and promote the citizen legislator
  • Return to the Constitution as originally conceived by the FOUNDING FATHERS