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What makes us different?
Unlike the major parties:

1.     We embrace legitimate fundamental principles.

2.     We have a coherent philosophy.

3.     We don't just give lip service. We actually abide by what we say.

The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is a hopeless cause across the board. The party explicitly supports abortion on demand, and its welfare programs have served to destroy family structure throughout their benefit classes. Though it claims to be the “party of the working man,” its members have facilitated the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs every bit as enthusiastically as the Republicans. Indeed, “William the Loin-hearted” Clinton, the Democrats’ sax-playing, cigar-diddling poster boy, granted Permanent Normal Trade Relations to Communist China, which opened the floodgates to widespread job loss. Repercussions include the scaling back of wages and benefit packages even in industries where vestiges of unions remain. The Democrats’ betrayal of union workers is egregious. Yet the unions mindlessly continue to maintain their loyalty to the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party

Despite their conservative rhetoric, the Republican Party, with few exceptions, rubber-stamps the huge spending programs that the Democrats propose. Despite their prolife lip service, and despite their control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Republicans offer no substantive opposition to abortion on demand. And, of course, the Republicans lead the charge to undermine the integrity of our domestic law through trade agreements that couple our domestic economy to the economies of nations the legal systems of which do not even nominally protect the fundamental rights of their own citizens. While we applaud the efforts of those few brave Republicans who hold their ground against the party bosses on the right to life and on family values, we are deeply disappointed that they simultaneously betray us in matters of foreign trade.

Narrow-Focus PACs

A number of single-issue political-action committees (PACs) dedicated to restoring selected parts of the Bill of Rights have attempted to identify candidates who satisfy their single-issue criteria. Examples include right-to-life and right-to-keep-and-bear organizations. Other organizations have a broader but nevertheless narrow scope, advocating multiple, related issues, such as prolife, profamily and antitax combinations.

Full Spectrum: America First Party

While we are certainly in accord with the principles of these prolife, profamily, antitax and similar organizations, we find that there is nevertheless a need for a full-spectrum organization. Politicians are shrewd enough to pander to narrow-focus groups. Once elected, they may fulfill narrow-focus expectations, but they betray us economically by pushing aggressively for the expansion of “free trade,” which serves to undermine the integrity of our domestic law. By subordinating our nation to the dictates of transnational financial interests, “free trade” ultimately renders our Constitution and domestic law utterly meaningless. Even if we should succeed in restoring domestic legal protection to the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to own property, these protections will be superseded and abrogated by the globalist protocol.