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Illegal Immigration Hurts Ohio

Illegal immigration and U.S. immigration policy has become a hotly debated issue across the nation. Our nation has legal immigration policies in place for a reason. Any acceptance of illegal immigration serves only to shift the economic balance to the disadvantage of working Americans. It also puts unnecessary pressure and racial strife on our citizens…those born here and those who came to America legally and assimilated into our culture.

It is estimated that Ohio has between 40,000 and 60,000 illegal immigrants. With the influx of millions of illegal immigrants into our nation, the labor supply of workers with less than a high school education significantly increases. That puts even more downward pressure on the wages of the poorest Americans. That, in turn, limits their ability to climb up the economic ladder. Limiting the number of jobs available for American citizens is not sensible economic policy for the long-term economic development of our nation.

The following graph illustrates the effects of importing illegal workers on the American labor market.

The "Y" axis shows wages, and the "X" axis shows quantity of labor. Demand curve "D" is shown in blue. The green "S1" supply curve shows domestic labor supply before illegal immigration, and the red supply curve "S2" shows domestic labor supply after illegal immigration. Equilibrium point "E1" reflects wage "$W1" and quantity of labor "Q1" before illegal immigration. Equilibrium point "E2" reflects wage "$W2" and quantity of labor "Q2" after illegal immigration.

As the graph shows, the effect of illegal immigration is essentially to shift the supply-of-labor curve to the right, causing it to intersect the demand-for-labor curve at an equilibrium point with a much lower wage level and a higher quantity-of-labor level. This shift signifies the willingness of illegal aliens to perform more labor for lower wages than American citizens. Yet this effect on the labor market affects all laborers, both illegal and legal.

It is not true that Americans are "unwilling to take the jobs" in question. The issue is not whether Americans are or are not willing, but at what wage level. The unwillingness of American citizens to take the jobs at low wages merely expresses their rightful prerogative in a free market. Market freedom, however, accrues to the legal protection of the right to liberty. In a free market, having some jobs go undone because employers are unwilling to pay more, because workers insist on higher wages, is a perfectly legitimate outcome.

Illegal aliens do not - and should not - enjoy legal protection of the right to liberty because their very presence in our country is a violation of the law. The reason they cannot find satisfactory jobs in their own countries is because corruption is rampant and pervasive. Our accommodation of illegal aliens serves only to corrupt our own nation as well.

Granting amnesty to illegal aliens would make a travesty of law. It would reward both the illegal aliens and the employers who benefit from their cheap labor. It would be an egregious offense against all immigrants who went through the process of entering our country legally. It would signal to foreigners and citizens alike that it is all right to disregard United States law. It would further institutionalize corruption here at home.

What is needed is a foreign-trade policy that predicates access to U. S. markets on the adoption by foreign governments of legal protection of the fundamental rights of their own citizens. This policy does not constitute interference with other countries' domestic affairs. They can decline to engage in commerce with us and continue in their corrupt ways if they wish. On the contrary, the policy would merely serve to protect the integrity of our own domestic law by refusing to do business with countries with incompatible systems of law. The United States remains a very desirable market for foreign countries to sell their goods. Thus placing conditions on access to our markets will act as an incentive for foreign government officials to abandon their corrupt practices and to fulfill their duty to their own citizens. As a result, aliens will be content to stay and work in their home countries.

What About National Security?

With uncontrolled borders, there is obviously no way to prevent terrorists from infiltrating our country. In the post-9/11 world, we must question the sincerity and integrity of our elected officials on this issue. Our politicians and bureaucrats argue for undermining our freedoms at every turn, saying that we need to limit our liberties in order to ensure our safety. As a result we have seen the passage of the Patriot Act and witness government officials advocating the wire-tapping of U.S. citizens without judicial approval. Every evening on the television news we learn of more U.S. soldiers being killed and wounded as they engage enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now we sit on the verge of sending our sons and daughters into Iran, all for national security?

If we are shedding blood and expending vast resources on foreign sand in order to protect our national security, then why do our elected officials leave the back door to America wide open for any enemy to slip across our borders? Our immigration policy of inaction only proves that national security is not their true motivation as they claim!

An adequate immigration policy is necessary NOW:

  • Do not reward illegal immigrants for breaking our immigration laws by receiving amnesty or “guest worker” status. All working immigrants in the United States must be here legally or face deportation.
  • Require all foreign workers in the U.S. to provide their employers with verifiable proof that the prospective employee is a properly registered alien. Employers will be held responsible for their lack of discretion.
  • Terminate visa privileges and foreign aid for any nation that refuses to cooperate with the U.S. and its individual states by repatriating its illegal alien nationals and by preventing illegals from entering the United States through its territories or borders.
  • Identify all illegal aliens currently living in the United States for apprehension and deportation by law-enforcement officials.
  • Immediately mobilize the Army, National Guard, and any other branch of the military necessary to assist the U.S. Border Patrol in securing our borders against illegal aliens, drug smugglers, potential terrorists, and other criminals.
  • Adopt a law clarifying that the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution does not give automatic citizenship to children born of illegal aliens.
  • Ban all immigration temporarily until Congress can get a handle on the problem and put forth adequate immigration policies.
  • Declare English as the official language of the United States of America. Citizenship shall not be granted to anyone who is not at least minimally proficient in speaking, reading, and understanding the English language, the Constitution, or our national history.

Please support America First Party members and candidates in your area as we focus on the foregoing points of action to make our state and our nation more secure!