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America First Party

The America First Party of Ohio is a state affiliate of the
America First Party.



The America First Party of Ohio
Endorses Ron Paul For President of The USA.
They want a candidate who will:

  • CUT $1 trillion in federal spending his first year in office;

  • ELIMINATE five federal departments and return power to the states;

  • BALANCE our out-of-control budget in only three years;

  • FIGHT gun grabbers, Big Labor, and the reckless spenders at the Federal Reserve each time they try to ram through another powergrab;

  • MAINTAIN a fighting force that is second-to-none while refusing to surrender our national sovereignty to carry out the UN's decrees AFPO wants a candidate who will will lead on principle in the White House just like he's stood firm for liberty, limited government, and the Constitution in Congress.

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