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What makes corruption, corruption?

When the topic of corruption comes up, images of money changing hands under the table in exchange for illegal favors come to mind. While it certainly includes such illicit transactions, corruption consists essentially in erosion in moral principles.

Philosophers of antiquity rightly drew a parallel between virtue in the individual and virtue in the state. Wisdom, courage, self-discipline, honesty and other virtues, which each of us can recognize at the personal level, should be reflected throughout the body politic. Wherever there is a deficiency in virtue in public life, there is corruption.

Corruption in civil government facilitates further ills in society. The acceptance of bribes by magistrates, for example, fosters all manner of crime, since, in return for bribes, the magistrates shield criminals from the proper penalties that their crimes deserve, and crime thrives unabated as a result.

Adherence to Principles

Our government was founded upon certain fundamental principles, declared by our founders to be self-evident truths, unalienable rights endowed by our Creator: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Among these fundamental rights, the right to life is paramount, for when the right to life is infringed, all other rights are necessarily infringed along with it.

As we all know, since the horrendous Supreme Court ruling in the Roe v. Wade case of 1973, over 40 million unborn American children have been murdered through abortion. The magnitude of this atrocity is on the order of 15% of our total population. Concomitant with this genocide, our society has become obsessed with materialism, as reflected in an insatiable appetite for extravagant toys that we can no longer afford to manufacture within our own borders.

We are continually told that the reason we must ship manufacturing overseas and accommodate low-wage, undocumented workers is in order to accomplish tasks that our own people are unwilling to do. Yet if we hadn't been murdering some 15% of our population, we would have a burgeoning younger generation eager to take the entry-level jobs currently given to foreigners. At the same time, these youth would have constituted an enormous demand for the kind of basic consumer goods that we are most efficient at producing domestically. Moreover, if we had continued, as a people, to embrace a culture-of-life mentality, we would be more concerned with raising our children and less preoccupied with accumulating extravagant toys. Thus we can see how one evil feeds upon another.

Opposing Corruption

Once corruption has taken hold of government, it is extremely difficult to uproot. It takes more than just electing a few heroic officials who are committed to legitimate moral principles. Indeed, it requires that our entire society be reconverted to the principles that our forefathers embraced.

James Traficant
Persecuted For Opposing Corruption
Occasionally we see a politician who strives to exert a reforming influence, only to be persecuted by his colleagues. One notable case within recent memory is that of Representative James Traficant, who represented the 17th Congressional District of Ohio, which covers the vicinity of Youngstown. Traficant made a reputation for himself for opposing waste, fraud and abuse in government agencies. He spoke out forcefully and consistently for keeping jobs in the USA, for scrutinizing the actions of government agencies, for taking strong action against drug abuse, and for protecting our nation's borders.

Mr. Traficant was known as the "One Minute Man" for his concise, punchy tirades on the house floor. He punctuated his fiery attacks against government malfeasance with the expression, "Beam me up, Mr. Speaker!" Traficant's fellow congressmen rewarded him for his crusade for integrity in government by trumping up phony charges of racketeering and corruption against him and prosecuting him in a widely publicized show trial.

No material evidence was presented against him, and all of the prosecution witnesses testified under duress. Mr. Traficant was not permitted to present material evidence to refute the charges, or to call witnesses in his own defense. Predictably, Mr. Traficant was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Jim Traficant's workers got the list of "Disqualified Voters' Signatures", went to their homes, and got them to go to the Board of Elections and say, "Yes, I'm alive, I'm a registered voter and I want Jim Traficant on the Ballot."

Congratulations for fighting to get Jim on the ballot !

Jim got at least 30,000 votes but since we have so much voter corruption, will we ever have an honest election in Ohio without PAPER BALLOTS, HAND COUNTED AND VERIFIED?

Eliminating Corruption

Today corruption is so pervasive throughout all levels of government that, although it is incumbent on all of us to oppose it, it is beyond mere human power to eradicate it. It will take a miracle - literally! Let us pray, then, for divine guidance and intervention. Let us pray that our elected officials be moved to reform, and, if they refuse to reform, that we may find the wherewithal to replace them. Let us pray for our society, that we will all come to our senses and demand honesty in government. And with God's help, let us work together to make our country truly "one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all."

Join us. Work with us at the grass-roots level to organize our party. We need to build from the ground up. Help us identify worthy candidates for office at the local and state level, and help us to get them elected. Perhaps you yourself are a potential candidate. Talk with us. Let's get the momentum going to clean up our government from the bottom to the top.